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Innovation create the future

We do believe in a time of change. We want to be a part of that.

We work with people wth ideas. We are the group of people with ideas. Ideas which by small things make the world around us better and better, day by day. This is why we have decided to spend our time and resources on converting these ideas into reality. We are ready for hard work, expenditures and the results of testing our projects. We are full of motivation and enthusiasm. 

We also believe that people around us are different. We do accept that they might have different views, ideas, opinion. Having that in mind we are also prepared to use our resources to build the projects of others. 


Finally we are also working with helping people around us to solve their technological problems. Our attitudes there are wide range of services and multi sectors experience. We are specialising in urgent problems. We are building the solutions, nobody wanted to do.  




Few words about our how do we work

Fast Performance

We always try to fulfill our commitments in relation to quality and time

After Sales Support

We are at your disposal also after finishing the order

Top Security

It is a high priority for us, that all details of the cooperation with our clients are fully secured 

What do we do

IT solutions provider

Our activity is based on wide range of contact with IT freelancer from all over the world. With our proffesional supervision we are able to work with almost all IT projects. We are fast and delivering on time.  

Start-ups Incubator

We are hotheads of the start-up environment:​

  • we are building our own projects

  • we are incubating projects together with external cofounders

  • we are running our own seed fund

We are always open for new projects and challenges. Should you have the idea - do not hesitate to give us a message on  ​


We've Come a Long Way

Our story in few words

Fexo has started in 2014 as private investment vehicle. The main sector of activity it was the real estate. We have been advising but also investing on our own. In mid 2016 one of our subcontractors has suggested to use our network of relations for IT services. It has also been taken a decision to invest in the service company where we have implemented our It solutions. Finally in late 2016 the changes in the structure of shareholders happened and the company has been redirected in the IT sector, with the core interests in innovative projects. We are still working as the middleman and service provider for emergency problems and tailor made IT solutions, but a crucial part of our resources is plan to be spend for our own projects. We are also working as seed fund fro external founders having brilant ideas but having no time and heart for administrative things. For our partners we are offering extraordinary conditions, both in term of financing, but also in term of work conditions, ie. consulting, work place, IT technology,accomodation, etc.

We do expect 2021/2022 as the year where you should hear about our first own projects :-).

Warsaw, february 2021, FEXO management  


What People are Saying

and there are only few of many ...

"we have been working with Fexo on few extremely urgent IT projects; we are very impressed by their professional 

attitiude towards problems"

"I am working for Fexo last 4 months. I am very happy with very interesting project we are dealing with. The conditions of work are  OK"

"Fexo has brilliant ideas on how to develop various startups. With their strategy towards freelancers, it is only a question of time, when we shall hear much more about that company"

Uffe Jensen

Yulia Dzodzhyk

John M. Rostma


Be in Touch

We want to hear from you!

Tel: +48 228947479, +48 793033250 | Fax: +48 228947476 | e-mail

ul. FM Lanciego 14 lok. 2, 02-792 Warszawa, Poland

Twoje informacje zostały pomyślnie przesłane!

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